Sara Broers is an award winning connector. She prides herself on the ability to help people make connections that matter. She has been the keynote speaker, as well as a small group leader at conferences across the country. She’s not afraid to share the secrets to success. After all, there is no secret sauce to success, as it’s called hard work. In 2019, she received the distinguished award for Individual Leadership through the Iowa Economic Development Authority.

She is based in Iowa and has a passion for the Midwest. Her love of the Iowa farm does not go unnoticed, as she’s not afraid to share her life story with others, as she travels wherever the plane, train, ship, or car will go.

Sara with Ike in Abilene kansas
Sara with “Ike” in Abilene, Kansas

In 2008, she launched All In An Iowa Mom’s Day, a “Mom Blog.” Through that blog, she was found by companies all across the country to help them with their social media management. Through this, Social Connections, LLC came to light.  Sara has helped thousands of clients be smarter and safer online through the use of social media. She has a passion for helping auctioneers, as she is the social media instructor at two auction schools- America’s Auction Academy and World Wide College of Auctioneering.

It was in 2013, that she realized that travel was becoming a part of her “Mom Blog.” It was during that time that Travel With Sara came on the scene.
Her partnerships with several destinations have introduced thousands of travelers to places that have been undiscovered by many. After all, when is the last time you sang a song with a herd of buffalo in a pasture in Kansas?

It was in 2015 that the Midwest Travel Network was born. Sara partnered with Lisa Trudell of The Walking Tourists and the rest is history! The Midwest Travel Network is where thousands of connections take place in the tourism world. Talented content creators are introduced to tourism destinations and magical things happen. It’s through this network that many destinations find themselves partnering with others that ultimately takes their destination to a new level of recognition.

Sara is the co-author of Midwest Road Trip Adventures and she is the author of 100 Things To Do In Iowa Before You Die.

Sara enjoys freelance writing and will jump at the opportunity to share some of her favorite places in publications all across the country. She loves sharing destinations that are charming, off the beaten path, and have a passion for welcoming tourists into their communities.